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My name is Martin Stewart. I'm a freelance B2B technology writer and content marketing consultant.

I help enterprise technology firms connect with their audiences through compelling content. If you need fresh, unique content to fuel your marketing campaigns, generate leads and develop your brand, I can help take the strain and accellerate you towards your marketing objectives.
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B2B technology industry content writer

I write industry whitepapers, video scripts, web copy, blog posts and articles, infographic briefs, press releases, individual emails and multi-step lead nurturing campaigns.

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Content marketing consultant

Going beyond content authoring, I provide strategic advice and hands-on consulting services for B2B tech firms, from content audits to content planning and repurposing.

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Enterprise IT content specialist

For 13+ years I’ve focused on enterprise software, covering categories like IT management, marketing automation, ERP, agile development and cybersecurity.


Content is fuel for B2B technology marketing campaigns. No fuel, no traction.
Can you do B2B technology marketing without content?

When you take content out of the marketing mix, what are you left with? Product marketing. Talking endlessly about your technology and how wonderful it is. That might work when customers are in ready-to-buy mode, but if your first contact with them is this late, you can bet your competitors have already got to them.

Content is B2B marketing fuel. With fresh, unique content you can engage with prospects and customers at every stage of their lifecycle. You can make contact, add value, and begin to form a positive, trusting relationship before they even know they have a problem that your technology solves.

When you do it right, you can find and nurture business opportunities before they germinate (and before the competition) so that your technology becomes the obvious choice at an early stage.

  • ...use content to engage with prospects and customers.

  • That means 68% do not.

  • ...will produce MORE content in 2016

  • the primary goal of content marketing.

Martin Stewart - B2B Tech Marketing Consultant and Writer

14+ years in B2B content marketing | 100+ projects | 1,000,000+ words delivered to clients

I'm a freelance B2B content writer and content marketing consultant working in Edinburgh, UK. I work with clients from fledgling startups to blue chip technology behemoths and everything in between. I focus 100% on enterprise technology marketing because deep domain expertise is essential to creating great content.

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Martin Stewart

Freelance B2B content writer and content marketing consultant
B2B tech marketing is my thing. I’ve done my “10,000 hours” (more like 25,000)…so there isn’t much I haven’t seen and done. With 30 years of IT learning and 14+ years in tech marketing I live in the gap between the two.


Happy customers across the ITSM, ITAM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Cybersecurity, Agile Development and Professional Services spaces.

Enterprise Tech/B2B Marketing Blog

I write about enterprise technology solutions, the value they create, the people who buy them, and how to market them.
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