IT SWOT analysis

IT SWOT Analysis from 2012

Today I rediscovered an IT SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) that I published in my old blog way back in 2012. Yes, it’s very high-level, but has anything really changed? I would like to think that some of the weaknesses have been improved-upon, e.g. more IT people are engaged with business stakeholders, focusing on Read more about IT SWOT Analysis from 2012[…]

Calculating lead targets based on target revenue

This is a reposting of an answer to a Quora question, where somebody was asking how many leads a business should aim to obtain every week? I’m reposting it here so that I can attach a link to a simple spreadsheet (Calculating lead generation targets) so that you can easily run the calculation yourself. It Read more about Calculating lead targets based on target revenue[…]

B2B - getting started with Twitter

Getting started with Twitter: Guide for B2B startups

Many of the startup clients I work with don’t have a Twitter presence. Likewise, there are many established firms that are also lagging. Most often, they’re too busy to think about social media and need a little help getting started or sustaining activity. They ask about how they can use Twitter – and why (some Read more about Getting started with Twitter: Guide for B2B startups[…]

Digital disruption: Lead, follow, flail or freeze?

The word “disruption” is on everybody’s lips. And because it’s the buzz-word of the century (so far), it’s being misused. People are branding incremental evolutions as “disruptive” to get attention (true disruptions are discontinuous; a leap up, not a shuffle forward). Everybody fancies themselves a “disruptor”. I’m sure it’s appearing on a disproportionate number of CVs all over Read more about Digital disruption: Lead, follow, flail or freeze?[…]

Building a website: 2016 vs 1998

After almost two years of freelance B2B content writing and consulting, it’s about time to set up my own website; somewhere to share the thoughts and experiences that surface as a by-product of what I do. Launching a website has been on my to-do list for two years now, but I’m usually too busy writing Read more about Building a website: 2016 vs 1998[…]